Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pillow Talk

Scene: Mom, Oliver, Austin and I pushed together two queen beds in a hotel room. Boys are in the middle. Mom and I are pretending to sleep.

Austin while rubbing Olliver's face:"Ollie, when we get home, you can sleep in my bed because you make me feel safe. You are a scratcher and you can scratch all the T-Rex's away, so you make me feel safe."

Oliver: "O-tay. Scratch my back."

Austin scratches for a 2 minutes or so: "Does that feel nice? You have such a cute face. I love you. Does that feel good Ollie?"

Oliver: "Yes, scratch my back."

Austin: "Okay, but my hand is getting tired."

Oliver: "Scratch my back."

Austin: "Oliver, my hand is getting tired so, I'll just scratch with one finger."

Oliver: "No, more"

Austin: "Ok, I'll use my two fingers. But Oliver? My hand is getting really tired."

Oliver: "O-tay"

They lay there.

Austin: "Ollie? Will you scratch my back?"

Oliver: "O-tay."

Scratches for 5 seconds

Oliver: "That's enough!"

I am pretty excited to listen to their conversations when they start sharing a room :)

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Gina said...

So funny! You should teach them both to scratch your back!